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U of Chicago to support mini-conference on Aikido in Higher Education in November 2008 - A two-day conference on Aikido in Higher Education at the University of Chicago has been funded with a grant from the Dean of the College. The November conference will explore ways in which aikido practice can be worked into academic courses in areas such as Business, Education, Ethics, Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Sociology. Participants will be faculty engaged in teaching such courses and graduate students doing research on the subject. They include AE members from Furman University (David Shaner), Lehigh University (Barry Kroll, Michael Riposa), Middlebury College (Jonathan Miller-Lane), and Williams College (Robert Kent) as well as grad students Tseday Alehegn (Columbia) and Andrew Humphreys (Sussex, UK).

Aiki Extensions (AE) conferences bring together experienced and novice practitioners of aikido to further the extension of their practice. The conferences combine interactive presentations and workshops with engaging discussions and experiential learning activities. The famed AE round-robin keiko balances out the conference with regular training in which experienced practitioners from diverse aikido take turns in presenting techniques.

Please contact us if you would like to help organize the next AE conference

Past Conferences

September 2005

The 6th International Conference of Aiki Extensions took place Friday through Sunday, September 23-25, 2005, in Merrifield VA. Mat sessions and keiko were at Northern Virginia Ki Aikido dojo, other sessions and social events at nearby Falls Church, Homewood Suites Hotel.

Program items included:

  • Non-violent Communications (NVC) workshop
  • Aikido work with persons with disabilities
  • Training Across Borders (TAB) initiatives:
    • Report, brief video on Cyprus seminar
    • Salaam Shalom Aikido dojos
    • Expanding TAB into new zones
  • An International Aiki Corps
  • Aiki training for law enforcement officers
  • Report on domestic violence prevention work
  • How AE work has stimulated new ideas in teaching aikido
  • How to assist the negotiation process
  • Working with angry young males
  • "Aiki-Greetings", a resource to facilitate introductions

Not least, the ever-famous AE Round-Robin Keiko at Northern Virginia Ki Society's beautiful Merrifield dojo. Sessions were held at the Falls Church, Homewood Suites Hilton and the Northern Virginia Ki Society Dojo.

The conferences offeredr a great opportunity to network with members from around the world. They featured first-person accounts of activities, workshops on areas of application, and conversations to help plan new projects.

If you would like to present some AE related work you've been involved with to future conference participants, please contact us.


For more information about conferences, please contact us.






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