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  • Aikido of Berkeley to Host a Seminar
    Sept, 29, 2007
    Kayla Feder’s Aikido of Berkeley dojo will host a seminar to benefit AE’s Mideast Aikido Project on September 29, 2007.
  • Three August Benefits for Awassa Dojo
    August 13, 2007
    On Monday, Aug 13 Chicago will hold a spectacular benefit at the Triad Sushi Bar featuring John McKay, director of the Awassa Youth Campus which houses the Peace Dojo.  John is fresh from an Ethiopian tour of the One Love HIV/AIDS Awareness Theater and its related aikido demo program.
  • 3rd International Aikido Summer Camp
    July 14-21, 2007
    Continuing the spirit of the “Training Across Borders” seminars. We welcome people from the Middle East, the USA, Asia and Europe.
  • Living Aikido: Movement Art & Art of Life
    May 17-20, 2007
    A unique AE conference May 17-20, 2007, in Schweinfurt, Germany. Organized by Winfried Wagner and Paul Linden, the conference will engage professionals, specialists, aikido practitioners, and interested people who don’t practice aikido.
  • Middlebury College To Host Aiki Education Symposium
    April 18-20, 2007
    Middlebury College, Vermont, will play host to a three-day symposium, The Liberal Arts and the Martial Art of Aikido, starting April 18






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