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Aikido is a nonviolent Japanese martial art.

Aiki is the core of Aikido. It is a practical philosophy of harmony and cooperative action. It consists of principles and methods of self-awareness, calmness under pressure, compassionate power, and respectful engagement with others.

About Aiki Extensions

Harmony In ActionAiki Extensions is an organization dedicated to disseminating and applying Aiki principles and methods outside the traditional martial arts training situation. AE members have applied Aiki principles in such areas as business, bodywork, psychotherapy, teaching, mediation, and sports. They have found that Aiki principles enhance their professional effectiveness and personal well being.  

Some AE Focus Areas
• Aiki in bodywork and psychotherapy.
• Aiki principles in teaching and working with children.
• Aiki principles in Business and Organizational Development
• Aiki principles in such activities as golf, tennis, music or using a computer.
• Aikido joint training for groups with a history of conflict
• Aiki principles applied to promoting regional and world peace

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Aiki Extensions is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation created for public benefit.

2014 Events

  • "Pushing for Peace" a weekend seminar July 4-6th, 2014, near Cambridge, UK, led by AE Board Member Quentin Cooke, 7th Dan, and featuring a cadre of wonderful instructors focused on the importance of weaving peace into our practice - particularly this year, which marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. Presenters, costs, and registration available at the event website



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