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Three Meditations on the Psychology of Aikido
by: Lawrence Novick     Date: 2002
The psychology of Aiki emerges from applying the subtle principles of Aikido philosophy to personal consciousness and conduct in various life situations. These principles converge on the notion that one can intuit a sense of the unfolding direction of a situation, blend with that flow, and lead it to a positive conclusion in a conscious and empowered way. What can the discipline of psychology add to our understanding of that notion?

Aikido Roots and Branches
by: Paul Linden     Date: Spring 03
There are some simple, basic Aikido ideas/processes that can be helpful in answering almost any performance question in any area of life. The essence of these practices is fullness, that is, being present and open in breathing, posture, movement and intentionality. Whatever you do, you will do better if you are present in your body.

The Many Dimensions of Aiki Extensions
by: Donald Levine     Date: Jul. 03
Revised version of talk presented at 5th International Aiki Extensions Conference, University of Augsburg, German, July 25.








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