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Peace DojosPeace Dojo Definition
A Peace Dojo is a martial arts school in which martial practice is explicitly oriented towards teaching skills of non-violence, conflict resolution, and peacemaking. Martial practice is uniquely valuable for practicing peace because attack/defense drills offer the opportunity to train oneself to receive an opponent in an empathic and harmonious way.

A Peace Dojo incorporates non-martial art practices which teach physical and verbal skills; and/or outreach peacemaking projects in the greater community; and/or intellectual studies of conflict and conflict resolution.

A Peace Dojo engages in rigorous and deliberate training practices to develop the capacity for skillful, healing action and the courage of heart needed to face the fear and violence in oneself and in the world.

When Aiki Extensions began in 1998 there was only the Bronx Peace Dojo model. Ten years later, several martial arts are focusing on conflict resolution training and have begun to collaborate through Aiki Extensions. For example, Aiki Extensions just welcomed Peacemakers (Goshen, IN), and new member, the Rev. Steve Thomas (Mennonite), a Tae Kwon Do instructor. Danny Hakim, a Karate instructor in Israel, was part of the team that crafted the Peace Dojo definition.

For questions regarding how to gain official certification as a Peace Dojo, please email Bill Leicht





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